Role of Midwife in Breast Feeding

Promoting and supporting breastfeeding is an integral part of the role of the midwife. These aspects of the role, however, will cause dilemmas and conflict for midwives. Conflicts arise from however midwives acquire their information of breastfeeding, that if used unsuitably will disempower breastfeeding women. Promotion of breastfeeding will cause dissonance between providing knowing alternative and what midwives see as coercion. The problem of your time of time greatly undermine midwives support for breastfeeding mothers and the dichotomies between evidence-based observe and experiential/personal experiences may end up in inappropriate care being provided for breastfeeding mothers.

Midwives will overcome several the conflicts inside their role by gaining a lot of data of breastfeeding, learning the art of excellent communication and by reflective personal experiences.