Novel corona virus in newborns

A novel virus named 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was thought of to be the activating agent of Corona Virus illness that has pneumonia like symptoms. Neonates are thought to be liable to the virus as a result of their system isn't well developed, that is of great concern to infant medical service suppliers. pediatricians and neonatologists belonging to the National Clinical center for child Health and Disorders and Pediatric Committee of Medical Association of Chinese People's Liberation Army have contributed to the management efforts in China. There are reports of a new born baby testing positive for the novel coronavirus in China.
 Strategies to be enforced throughout screening of neonates for 2019-nCoV infection.
 Standard precautions embody accumulation at the doorway, strict hand and metastasis hygiene, daily improvement and medical aid of the atmosphere, and provision of gloves, mask, and glasses for all medical workers.
 Additional increased contact precautions and metastasis drop precautions embody patients' own dedicated instrumentation, restricted parents' visits, robe and glove modification once procedures, and gap window often to vary air.
 Avoid breastfeeding from mothers with probable or laboratory-confirmed 2019-nCoV infection till the recovery of confirmed mothers or rejection of probable infection.
 Medical waste generated throughout medical service ought to be collected into a double-layer infectious waste bag, that ought to be treated with chlorine-containing preparation for a minimum of ten min, then disposed of within the same manner as infectious medical waste.
 Terminal medical aid of the patient's space is preferentially done exploitation oxide atomization or a chlorine-containing preparation spray.